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Read Hildreth Meière's own writing, articles about her during her lifetime, recent books, exhibition catalogues, and feature articles about her work.

Recent Books

Carla Sarett. “The Hidden Female Face of New York.” In The Inclusive Vision: Essays in Honor of Larry Gross, edited by Paul Messaris and David W. Park. New York: Peter Lang, 2018. 223‑234

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Recent Articles

Kenney, Nancy. “A Wall Street lobby restored to its former glory.” In The Art Newspaper. July 19, 2019. “A Wall Street lobby restored to its former glory.”

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Recent Newspaper Features

McGee, Celia. “If These Walls Could Speak, They’d Say Her Name.” In New York Times, May 1, 2014. “If These Walls Could Speak, They'd Say Her Name”

Ilnytzky, Ula. “New book highlights work of a muralist.” Associated Press. April 3, 2014. “New book highlights works of a muralist”

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Herrera, Camilla A. “Icon of Her Time.” In Advocate/Greenwich Time, December 30, 2007. “Icon of Her Time”

Selected Publications by Hildreth Meière

Meiere, Hildreth. “Blessed Are They.” New York Times, August 4, 1940.

---------. “Working for a World’s Fair.” In Journal of the Associated Alumnae of the Sacred Heart, 4,1939-40. 35-41.

---------. “Murals Large and Small.” In Women’s City Club Magazine [San Francisco, Calif.], 13: 8 (September 1939). 11,30.

---------. "The Question of Decoration." In Architectural Forum 57: 1 (July 1932). 1-9.

---------. “Distinguished Artist Comes Home for Visit: Miss Hildreth Meière Tells of the Interesting Work in which She Is Engaged.” In Women’s City Club Magazine [San Francisco, Calif.], 1:2 (March 1927). 9-12.

Unpublished Articles by Hildreth Meière

Meiere, Hildreth. “Her Life and Times (not Hard),” c. 1955.

----------. “Ramblings of a Mural Painter,” c. 1953.

----------. “Dossier,” c. 1945.

Selected Pre-1961 Articles About Hildreth Meière

Pawlowski, Inge. “Sanctuary for the Apostles.” In St. Louis Review. June 28, 1957. sec.2.

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Sharer, Elizabeth Jean. “Hildreth Meière, 1892-1961 : An Artistic Biography of an American Muralist.” Ph.D. diss., University of New Mexico, 2001.

Published Photographs of Hildreth Meière's Studies

Hildreth Meière displayed her studies for commissions across the country in the annual exhibitions of the Architectural League of New York. Several of the Yearbooks of the Architectural League of New York contain photographs of her studies, including 1925, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, and 1932.

Book Illustrations by Hildreth Meière

Hildreth Meière drew a series of forty-five illustrations for the volume Through Christ Our Lord in the Christ Life Series in Religion published by MacMillan. Her drawings illustrate the theme Through the Church to Christ and through Christ to the Father. The 1935 publication is the only example of Meière’s work as a book illustrator.

Michel, Dom Virgil O.S.B., and Dom Basil Stegman, O.S.B., S.T.D. and the Sisters of the Order of St. Dominic. Through Christ Our Lord. MacMillan Company, 1935.


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Favorite Quotations from Hildreth Meière

“A good mural should be something that cannot be taken away without hurting the design of the building. If the building can look as well without it, it shouldn’t be there in the first place.”

Interview by Mary Kimbrough in St. Louis Post Dispatch, 1955

“The craftsman . . . is the designer’s right hand in the final execution of the job.”

Interview, 1941

“[I am] so trained to try to express a thought in design that I find it almost impossible to begin anything until I know what it is all about.”

Letter to Hartley Burr Alexander, 1932

“All I have to show are sketches for murals, battered cartoons, and photographs of finished commissions.”

“Her Life and Times (not Hard),” c. 1955

“We went to Italy [in 1911], and the glories of the Renaissance and all that preceded it opened before my hungry eyes, and I fell in love, once and for all, with mural painting and great beautiful walls.”

“Dossier,” c. 1946

“I personally have designed for glass, marble and tile mosaic, brick, glass, tapestry, leather, wood, and metal.”

Lecture to Pen and Brush Club, 1950

“[A mural painter’s] finished work exists not merely in itself, but in relation to three-dimensional form--to ‘enclosed space,’ as someone has defined architecture.”

Lecture to Pen and Brush Club, 1950

“. . . that curious but most important element called ‘scale,’ which does not exist for the picture painter, is one of the ever-present problems of the mural painter.”

Lecture to Pen and Brush Club, 1950

“. . . I have been an authority on . . . astronomy, anthropology, California flora, Renaissance ornament, Biblical history, the lives of the Saints, mosaics of all periods, American Indian art, the history of Nebraska . . . and the women’s movement. . . . I only regret that I forget all the information as soon as the job is done.”

Lecture to Pen and Brush Club, 1950

“I never realized how beautiful in design the Indian beadwork is. . . .

Letter to mother, 1921

“The whole essence of Byzantine art is the dome, and when you put mosaics on a curved surface, the light striking them changes. . . . The result will be moving light, and a surface that almost appears to be living.”

Interview by Pawlowski in “Sanctuary for the Apostles,” 1957

“Good exterior decorations are uncomplicated and easy to read. . . .”

“Working for a World’s Fair,” 1939-40

“My designs for metal, mosaic, and terracotta . . . passed through the hands of good craftsmen and came out, as usual, looking better than the cartoons.”

“Working for a World’s Fair,” 1939-40

“The designer appreciates the contribution the good craftsman makes; he is not jealous of it but prays for the greater glory that creative craftsmanship can bring to the work.”

Interview by Watson in American Artist, 1941

“The artist’s real fun is in the doing of his job; as to whether people like it when it is done and whether it endures or not, interesting as these points are to him, they are apart from that creative, subjective experience which is his life.”

“Working for a World’s Fair,” 1939-40