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32 Avenue of Americas
(AT&T Long Distance Building)

A historic exploration of the iconic lobby at 32 Avenue of the Americas, previously known as the AT&T Long Distance Building. Designed by Art Deco muralist Hildreth Meière (pronounced mee-AIR, 1892-1961), earned the prestigious designation of interior landmark in 1991 from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Join us on a virtual journey led by Kathleen Murphy Skolnik, an Art and Architectural historian, and co-author of "Art Deco Murals of Hildreth Meière."

The first part of the video delves into Hildreth’s career, her notable works across New York City, and her collaboration with renowned architect Ralph Walker from Voorhees, Gmelin and Walker. Their partnership extended beyond the creation of the 1932 lobby, most notably leaving its mark on architectural icons such as One Wall Street in NYC.

In the second half of the video, you'll learn the history of the 32 Avenue Americas Building and the decision-making processes that drove its distinctive designs. You’ll see the breathtaking silhouette glass mosaic ceiling mural, illustrating the theme "Continents Linked by Telephone and Wireless." It serves as a symbolic representation of global connectivity and innovation, featuring allegorical personifications of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia intricately connected by gleaming gold telephone and telegraph wires.

This video is your gateway to a world where creativity intersects with innovation, and where the echoes of the past continue to inspire the future.


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AT&T Long Distance Building

Hildreth Meière was asked to design decoration for the lobby ceiling at the AT&T Long Distance Building that would symbolize the purpose of the building as a vital center of international communication. To represent Continents Linked by the Telephone and Wireless, Meière designed four neo-classically influenced, individual Art Deco figures personifying Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia around the rim of the ceiling.

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Hildreth Meière's sketch in graphite for lobby ceiling

Hildreth Meière's sketch in graphite for lobby ceiling